My Hair Regimen

My Regimen as of 9/11/14 (2 years and 2 months since big chop):

1. How often I wash:
I wash every week, using shampoo.  Co-washing doesn't seem to get my hair or scalp clean.  I use a clarifying shampoo once or twice a month.

2. How often I trim:
I'm still on the hunt to find a stylist who I trust to cut my hair.  I've been doing my own trims, when I think I need them, about every 4-6 months.

3. How often I deep condition:
Once a week with heat for at least 30 minutes.

4. How often I straighten:
Once or twice a year. There are areas of my hair that cannot take a lot of heat, and get heat damaged very easily.  When I do straighten, I miss my curly hair!

5.  How often I  do protein treatments:
Sometimes I think my hair doesn't like protein, but I think it's the kind of protein.  My hair likes egg and yogurt as protein treatments, but not a lot of protein conditioners.  Mayonnaise is too heavy and oily!  I put some kind of protein in my hair at least twice a month.

6. How I protect my hair when I sleep:
I will continue to sleep with a satin scarf on a satin pillowcase.

7. How I moisturize my hair:
This has my BIGGEST hair challenge as a natural, especially since I have low porosity hair.  I think I've figured it out!  First, I always deep condition with heat to open up my cuticles and let moisture in.  I also do the Cherry Lola treatment once or twice a month.  After I deep condition, I condition with a lighter conditioner and leave some of it in.  I moisturize every day or 2 using the LOC method: water or hair mist - oil - and a curling cream.  I make sure I apply product from root to tip.

8. Pre-washing my hair:
I pre-poo with coconut oil or a conditioner I'm trying to get rid of before each wash.

9. My go-to styles are:
Flat twistouts and bantu knot outs