Thursday, May 26, 2011

Quick Update

I've been a little busy lately, but here's a quick update:

I did a protein treatment with DuoTex last night. Not sure if I see much difference, but I know I needed a protein treatment since I've been using a flat iron.

I've used a flat iron the past couple of washes, but I went back to the roller set last night. Yes, it's time consuming, but my hair really doesn't like direct heat. Plus, either I don't have a good flat iron, or I don't know how to use it correctly, because my a hair doesn't come out that flat. Plus, I had frizzy ends, which I HATE.

I'm giving up the black rinse. Again. It doesn't last, and my platinum hair becomes blue after a couple of washes. I used a reddish brown last night. I don't see any red, but that's okay. As long as there's no silver or blue!

I'm loving flexirods right now! My hair needs to stay curly the majority of the time.

I still don't use much moisturizer. Just a little oil sheen and some oil on my ends. The Kenra conditioner keeps my hair moist for days.

Still haven't decided what I'm doing with my hair this summer when it's really hot. Maybe air drying and flexirods?

Monday, May 9, 2011

May 2011 Update

For a refreshing change, I'm actually loving my hair these days. I got a relaxer about 3 weeks ago, and I'm really enjoying the length and health of my hair. I always complain that my hair is so thin, but it really isn't as thin as I thought. It is very fine, but it's not thin. I think I was using the wrong products and methods when I rollerset. I roll my hair too tight, and I'm sure this is the reason I have so many hairs on the floor when I comb out my set. So, I'm taking a little break from rollersetting. I'm also going to stop complaining about how thin/fine it is. It's not fine because it's not healthy. It's hereditary and I'm going to get over it.

My stylist thinks I should just air dry and flatiron it for a while. She does that to her daughter's hair, and her hair is at her waist. She has never gotten a roller set! For my first wash after my relaxer, I added my leave-ins and combed my hair down. I sat under the dryer for about 15 minutes. I attempted to blow dry, but I don't know how effective it was since I really don't know how to blow dry well. I used Chi Silk Infusion as my heat protectant and flatironed my hair. It came out so nice! It was bouncy, moist and shiny. And it looked thick! I honestly didn't know how to act for a week with my hair swinging like that. While I dried, I tied my edges down with a scarf, which also made a big difference in how slick my hair looked!

I don't want to give up rollersetting entirely, as I like the body I get and it is less manipulation on my hair. This past weekend, I got a rollerset at a Dominican salon. The woman who did my hair barely spoke English, so I don't know what products she used. I will say that whatever she used smelled heavenly. She really rubbed in the conditioner, and she set my hair in like, 2 minutes. Okay, not 2 minutes, but a lot faster than I do. She blew out my roots and the blow dryer was hot as hell, but the end result was worth it. I'm hoping I can get a rollerset done every 2 weeks and wash and flatiron my hair in between. When it gets too hot for me to sit under the dryer, I'll experiment with bantu knots and braidouts. I'll probably wear my hair up in a bun when it's hot anyway.

I also haven't needed too much moisturizer. I just spray some oil sheen on my hair while it's wrapped and maybe put some castor oil on my ends, and I'm good to go. I'm really trying to get most of my moisture from the conditioners, so I don't have to deal with moisturizers that don't do much but weigh my hair down.

I finally got a camera, so I'll post pictures soon.