Friday, May 17, 2013

Kinky Twists

I got kinky twists a few weeks ago and have been enjoying the break from doing my hair.  I felt like my hair was consuming my thoughts and energy, so I needed to take a little break.  I'm not a big fan of putting artificial hair in my hair, but I'm really enjoying this style.

I went to an African hair braiding shop my girlfriend referred me to.  They were really nice and professional. I was glad that they had the hair there and gave me advice on the color and size of my twists.  The main woman twisting my hair (most of the time, two women worked on me) was nice enough to ask me if I wanted her to do my edges and when she did, had me hold the root so that she didn't pull my hair as she twisted.  She braided the roots, and twisted the rest.  It took about 4 hours, but I'm sure it would have taken longer if there was only one person doing my hair.  Whenever I've had my hair braided in the past, I experienced a bad headache for the first couple of days. This time, no pain!  I was so happy the twists weren't too tight.  I'm too old for that, hahaha!

For maintenance, I spray my roots every morning with a mixture of water, oil, and conditioner.  So far, my scalp hasn't itched or flaked, and my natural hair feels moist and soft.  I applied a semi permanent color to my edges last weekend to cover up the grays, and it was pretty easy and fast.

My goal is to keep them in for 6-8 weeks.  I hope that I'll have a better attitude and improved regimen then.  If not, I'll just get it done again and keep them in through the summer.