Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Parched Hair

My hair feels dry today! Not super dry, and it's really just the ends that feel dry. I know one reason is because I didn't moisturize it this morning (*slapping my hand*). I was running late being lazy and kept my hair wrapped in my silk scarf and just put a hat on when I left for work without taking it down to moisturize it like I usually do. The other reason I think is the conditioner I used the other day. The Pantene Breakage Defense Mask was great the first few times I used it, but now my hair doesn't feel as moisturized from it anymore. I even added a few drops of jojoba and sweet almond oils to it this time. Maybe it's good for the summer months when the humidity is high, but not good during the winter when the air is this dry. I guess I'll stick to my ORS Replenishing.

I also need to keep some moisturizer/oil at work!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2009 Hair Goals

Since 2008 is wrapping up, I decided to list my hair goals for the new year. I am very pleased with my hair progress this year. Even though I had to cut it in the spring, I feel that it was the best thing I ever did- my over processed ends would never have recovered. I also learned a lot about my hair (it's fine, not thin) and discovered a lot of products that my hair does and does not like. In 2009, I'm looking forward to longer, thicker and healthier tresses!

My goals this past year were to:
1. Achieve more thickness - I don't want to see through my hair! Done! After getting my hair cut in June, I have been able to keep my hair looking thick with the proper moisturizers, conditioners and almost NO heat
2. Wait at least 7-8 weeks between relaxers (I usually go 6, but I've realized it's too short) Done! I haven't gone less than 8 weeks since 2007
3. Be able to rollerset my hair and have it look like I got it done almost done!
4. Find a healthy platinum coverage Done! Adore semi-permanent is my staple now
5. Take hair/nails/skin vitamins Done! I've been taking pre-natal vitamins for about 3 months now
6. Stop scratching my scalp & playing in my hair during the day Done! I hardly ever scratch my scalp now- I haven't had any flakes in months and I almost never burn when getting a relaxer...unfortunately, I still play in my hair too much, but not nearly as much as I used to

Tiffanita's 2009 Hair Goals:
  • Achieve even more thickness and strength
  • Reach arm-pit length by December '09 (I think I can make shoulder length by March)
  • Stick to my regimen and staple products
  • Keep my regimen and maintenance as simple as possible
  • Achieve less breakage
  • Try new styles (rod sets, braidouts, updo's, etc.)

Tiffanita's 2009 Plan to Reach Hair Goals:
  • Incorporate more protein in my regimen (i.e. adding an egg to conditioner, using protein conditioners more often)
  • Seal ends with castor oil at least 3x a week for thickness
  • Only try new products when I run out of something I'm not crazy about...and only buy products for my hair type
  • Start wearing hair up in a clip or bun now that it's long enough, and continue to keep my hair in a silk scarf and hat when I'm out in the winter weather
  • Read more magazines and blogs to find new styles and techniques, and not be afraid to try them- the worst that can happen is I'll have to re-wash my hair, right?!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good @ 6 Weeks

I'm usually borderline disgusted with my hair at 6 weeks post relaxer. This time, it is so manageable and I am actually okay with how it looks. I was thinking of going another 3 weeks instead of 2, but then again, I want a fresh relaxer for Christmas! I am experiencing a little shedding and breakage, but not too much. The key for me is moisture and low maintenance.

I have been moisturizing my hair with Keracare Hairdressing Crème twice a day. I was using the B&B oil moisturizer after 5 weeks, but I’ve realized that it makes my hair too wet, which causes frizz. After moisturizing, I seal with coconut or grape seed oil. Last week I bought some jojoba oil and sweet almond oil from GNC. I haven’t used the sweet almond oil yet on my hair (it’s great on my skin), but I used the jojoba oil on my new growth and my ends twice and I like it. Grape seed oil is still my favorite oil to keep my strands silky.

At night after I moisturize and seal with oil, I brush my sides to the back, like I’m doing a cross-wrap and then I put 2 rollers in the back. I was pincurling, but pincurling is always a risk for me- sometimes my hair looks great, other times it’s frizzy and crazy-looking. Using the 2 rollers has kept my hair somewhat straight, but with a little wave and body. When I wake up, I comb out my hair, moisturize and seal, then do it again, but with pincurls instead of rollers. I put my silk scarf back on, put a hat over it, and comb my hair out when I get to work.

Product Review: Hask Pure Shine Polishing Serum

I’ve been wanting to try this serum for a while. Lately I’ve been using Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum, which I really like, but it’s expensive and I wanted an alternative. My girl Tamika G. from a couple of the hair boards I’m on has been raving about the Hask serum forever. It was on sale (buy 1 get 1 free) at Walgreens, so I bought 2 bottles.

Product Description
Hask Pure Shine Polishing Serum with special silk proteins is formulated to repair, strengthen and condition dry, damaged and overstressed hair. Delivers shaping power, volume and texture for a smooth frizz free look. This lightweight formula with UV protectors is a must for styling with all thermal tools. Use daily on either wet or dry hair for the smooth shiny styles you've always wanted. Can be used daily & is ideal for use on chemically treated hair.

Damp Hair:
- Apply a few drops in palm of hand and rub hands together.
- Distribute evenly through hair.
- Style as usual.
Dry Hair:
- After styling hair apply a few drops in palm of hand and rub hands together.
- Smooth on hair for a polished fresh look and feel.

Cyclomethicone , Dimethiconol , Silk Amino Acid , Aloe Barbadensis Extract , Grape Seed Oil , Macadamia Nut Oil , Octyl Methoxycinnamate , Phenyl Trimethicone , Fragrance Parfum , Dioctyl Sebacate

My Experience
I co-washed and deep conditioned my hair. I applied a dime-sized amount of Giovanni leave-in and sprayed my hair with my water/coconut oil mix. My roots are thick and I was worried about my rollerset coming out puffy, so I decided to spray just a little of my usual Skinny Serum/water mix. I then rubbed a dime-sized amount of the Hask Serum in my hair and rollerset as usual.

My hair came out silky, shiny and moist. Even my new growth is softer than usual, but I’m not sure if that’s from the serum or one of the conditioners. I probably didn’t need to use the other serum with it, so I will try it by itself next time. It’s been 5 days since I washed and my hair is still looking just as shiny and silky. I’ve found a new staple product! I’m a little past 6 weeks post relaxer, and with results this good, I can only imagine how my set will come out after a fresh relaxer! I noticed that it contains grape seed oil, which my hair loves.