Monday, December 5, 2011

Coconut Oil Pre-Poo

This weekend I pre-pooed overnight using coconut oil. I applied the oil to my dry hair in 4 sections, put a plastic cap and a scarf on and went to bed. In the morning, I shampooed with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo, and deep conditioned with an ORS Replenishing Pak. I set my hair on rollers using a little diluted setting lotion and water. When I took the rollers out, I really liked how thick and moist was. It felt a little weighed down- from the coconut oil, but as the day when on, it didn't feel so bad. I pin curled it over night, and in the morning it wasn't weighed down at all.

I used to use a coconut oil/water mix to set my hair, but I stopped when my hair got healthy, thinking I didn't need it. I guess I do need to either pre-poo with it or spray a little on my hair before it dries going forward because my hair is almost always dry after my rollersets. I know I need to be more consistent, and I definitely am not as consistent as I should be with coconut oil. My hair has always loved it, but for the past year or so, I've been using other oils. I'm going back to basics with my regimen because even though my hair isn't it bad shape, it isn't in the best shape. I'm using products that worked for me when I first started my hair journey- coconut oil, vatika oil, and ORS Replenishing.