Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Goal Updates

I just wanted to post some my progress with my goals (on the right menu):

1. More thickness - I don't want to see through my hair!
It's getting there... My ends are still see-through, but the top half of my hair is better due to regular deep conditioning.
2. Grow to at least shoulder length by the summer
I think I can make it by June since even after a trim, my hair was almost hitting my shoulders!
3. Wait at least 7-8 weeks between relaxers (I usually go 6, but I've realized it's too short)
I went 8 weeks this last time, and 7 weeks the time before. I think 8 may be my limit because I had a lot of shedding and breakage. Either that, or I need to find a better conditioner.
4. Be able to rollerset my hair and have it look like I got it done
I'm still trying to find the best setting lotion and dilution to make my curls stay longer. I also need to work on my hair elasticity.
5. Find a healthy platinum coverage
I just used the darkest brown color from Beautiful Collection, which covered the platinums and conditioned my hair.
6. Take hair/nails/skin vitamins
I've been taking a One a Day Women's vitamin every day for the past month.
7. Stop scratching my scalp & playing in my hair during the day
Making the conscious effort not to scratch has done wonders! I didn't burn one bit my last relaxer, which is amazing for me. My flaky scalp is just about gone except for some small patches. I still put my fingers in my hair too much during the day, though!

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