Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good @ 6 Weeks

I'm usually borderline disgusted with my hair at 6 weeks post relaxer. This time, it is so manageable and I am actually okay with how it looks. I was thinking of going another 3 weeks instead of 2, but then again, I want a fresh relaxer for Christmas! I am experiencing a little shedding and breakage, but not too much. The key for me is moisture and low maintenance.

I have been moisturizing my hair with Keracare Hairdressing Crème twice a day. I was using the B&B oil moisturizer after 5 weeks, but I’ve realized that it makes my hair too wet, which causes frizz. After moisturizing, I seal with coconut or grape seed oil. Last week I bought some jojoba oil and sweet almond oil from GNC. I haven’t used the sweet almond oil yet on my hair (it’s great on my skin), but I used the jojoba oil on my new growth and my ends twice and I like it. Grape seed oil is still my favorite oil to keep my strands silky.

At night after I moisturize and seal with oil, I brush my sides to the back, like I’m doing a cross-wrap and then I put 2 rollers in the back. I was pincurling, but pincurling is always a risk for me- sometimes my hair looks great, other times it’s frizzy and crazy-looking. Using the 2 rollers has kept my hair somewhat straight, but with a little wave and body. When I wake up, I comb out my hair, moisturize and seal, then do it again, but with pincurls instead of rollers. I put my silk scarf back on, put a hat over it, and comb my hair out when I get to work.

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Glad you found a system that works for you. I love sweet almond oil in my pre poos.
Have a good weekend.