Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Parched Hair

My hair feels dry today! Not super dry, and it's really just the ends that feel dry. I know one reason is because I didn't moisturize it this morning (*slapping my hand*). I was running late being lazy and kept my hair wrapped in my silk scarf and just put a hat on when I left for work without taking it down to moisturize it like I usually do. The other reason I think is the conditioner I used the other day. The Pantene Breakage Defense Mask was great the first few times I used it, but now my hair doesn't feel as moisturized from it anymore. I even added a few drops of jojoba and sweet almond oils to it this time. Maybe it's good for the summer months when the humidity is high, but not good during the winter when the air is this dry. I guess I'll stick to my ORS Replenishing.

I also need to keep some moisturizer/oil at work!


Ms. S said...

I did the same thing! Although I drove in to work, I left my hair wrapped and tossed on my hat.

So far the breakage defense mask is still working well for me. I make sure my hair is really damp when I apply it. I mixed it with EVOO the other day for an extra boost of moisture.

Keeping some moisturizer at work is a good idea! I think I will do that too. =)

Traycee said...

Happy New Year !!