Thursday, July 30, 2009

Silicon Mix Revisited

I deep conditioned with Silicon Mix this week, and I'm not liking my hair too much. I don't have the shine I usually do, and my hair doesn't look as good as it does. It could be the heat and my perspiration level, or the fact that my hair wasn't completely dry when I took the rollers out. I've also read on some hair boards that it's not great for rollersetting. I may try it again when I'm brave enough to air dry. I know I loved it before, but this one time it just didn't do it for me.


Sunshyne said...

Yeah, sometimes that happens to me too. When was the last time you clarified? Is it possible that you may have build-up?

♥ Sunshyne

Tiffanita said...
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Tiffanita said...

Yes, that's definitely possible...thanks Sunshyne!

Milan said...

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n_vizion said...

Have you tried Silicon Mix with Pearl Extract yet. It's a lighter formula and very different from the original. I seem to have consistent results when I use it. It leaves the hair feeling a little lighter and silkier than regular Silicon Mix. It's wonderful for rollersets.

theblackhairdiary said...

Silicom mix is the best of the 3 Dominican conditioners I have used, this conditioner left my hair buttery soft. Id id do a rollerset with mine ans I am a sucka for rollerset, I did not experience any issues. Maybe as Sunshyne said you may to clarify for a better results.
I am going to get the other two silicon mix conditioners and try them out too ;), I hope they are as good as this one.