Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mesh vs. Magnetic

I have always used mesh rollers to set my hair. Always. I use end papers, mesh rollers and pins. This picture shows the rollers I use. As my hair grows, I have to go up in size. Well, the red is the largest size I've seen, and I need a larger size so that my hair doesn't take 2 hours to dry. I haven't seen them larger than the red.

This weekend I decided to try magnetic rollers. I bought a pack of 10 and some clips. I used the magnetic rollers to roll the top of my head, and the red mesh ones to roll the bottom, just so that I could see the difference. It wasn't a total disaster, but my hair didn't come out as nice as I wish it had. I couldn't get the magnetic rollers to stay tightly, so my roots were a little puffy. The curls with the mesh rollers were perfect, since I could control how tight they were with the pins.

I guess I need to watch some youtube videos to learn how to get the rollers to stay tightly. If I can get the magnetic rollers to work well, I think I'll save a lot of time on rolling and drying my hair. I'll keep trying, but I will also keep searching for larger mesh rollers!

I welcome any advice!


Anonymous said...

There is one size large than the red ones... it's a white/beige color... but I could never find it in stores. But the hair salons seems to get them.

I haven't rollerset my hair in nearly a year (yikes!) but I think to get the magnetic rollers to stay tight, put the clip at the front of the roller (in the direction that you are rolling). Idk if that makes since... if it doesn't, you can't go wrong with using two clips for each roller, front and back.

lastly, I think I have a few unopened purple magnetic roller packets (somewhere at my mom's house) that I won't be using anytime soon since I'm going natural, if you want them-- there yours! I'd rather give them away than let them collect dust. =)

Anonymous said...

Did you ever find the ones larger than the red?

Tiffanita said...

I STILL haven't found the magnetic rollers bigger than red! When I ask someone in the salon, they're extremely vague...