Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Can't Do the No-Heat Thing All of the Time

Yesterday my hair was busted!  I co-washed the night before and air dried in a bun.  I woke up with major frizz.  I also lost a lot of hair while de-tangling in the shower.  Plus, it was still hard to get even a large comb through my hair.  My girl told me that I probably need to flat iron for a little while.  She was so right.  I flat ironed my roots last night and my hair is so much more manageable.  I'm still rocking a bun, but it looks much better.  And, my edges look great- much better than when I tried to flat iron them when they were relaxed. I'm also only going to de-tangle with after I've added leave-in.

I can't co-wash as often as I thought I could.  I just lose too much hair.

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laverne hurd said...

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