Thursday, July 12, 2012

First Twist Out on TWA

Since I haven't found my curls yet (hey, maybe I'll never have defined curls), I decided to do a twist out.  The day before that, I co-washed, and left some of the VO5 conditioner in my hair.  It looked like my hair was curly!  However, when I woke up, I looked like Florida Evans, lol.  I co-washed again that night, left some of the conditioner in my hair, applied some oil, and used Taliah Waajid Curly Curly Curl Cream to do 6 flat twists from front to back.  It still takes me a long time to do flat twists.  I'm so used to cornrows (3 strands), that flat twists seem weird for me to do.  In the morning, I rubbed some coconut oil on my hands and took the strands out.

I definitely liked this better than the "hairstyle" I had the day before.  Even though I tried to get rid of all of the relaxed ends, I still had some spiky ends popping up.  The next time I do it, I won't do twists all the way back.  The middle was not as defined, so I think I need to start new twists in the middle of my head.  That night, I slept with a satin bonnet on.  When I woke up, I applied a little shea butter/coconut oil, sprayed with a little water, fluffed and went to work.  I'll be happy if it lasts me 3 days!

I've been buying all of these products, but I'm going to slow down.  It hasn't even been 2 weeks since my big chop and I want to get my hair used to being in it's natural state! Just because I don't like how a product works now doesn't mean I won't like it in 2/6/8/12 weeks.  I'm going to stay with a product for a week before I try another.  I was using the clear Ecostyler gel, and I finally got the one with olive oil.  It seems a lot more moisturizing.  I did a few coils on dry hair last night, and I loved how moist and smooth my hair was this morning.  

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On Some Hair Sh*t said...

I've become a product junky too!!! LOL!! I think it's okay, (I think.) Try ordering the sample sizes from the companies you want to try out. If you like, then get the real deal. Oh but 1 thing I LOVE as my moisturizer is Entwine Couture Butter Creme Hydrator! I want to try Qhemet Biologis Alma & Olive Heavy Cream too though. I have super a dry TWA... Like you, I still have straight ends. I keep snipping but seems like mines don't wait to go away. My hair doesn't like gel either. :-( It makes my ends brittle & dry. I'm going to have to find a substitute.