Thursday, January 31, 2008

First pincurl try

Last night I tested the pincurl method as an alternative to wrapping. I made 3 pincurls- 1 on each side and 1 in the back. When I woke up, I took the pincurls out, wrapped my hair, got dressed and then combed it out. I didn't really like the results, but I probably need to practice more. My left side still looks thin, and the curl on the left was too much (I just put the left side behind my ear). I did like how the back came out though. The pics I took this morning are here.

I also massaged my scalp this morning (after I took out the wrap). I did it while bending over, which I hear is better. I feel like the massage gave my hair more body. I had a lot of flakes, but it felt so good! I just put some Razac Perfect for Perms Hair Oil on my part and my front hairline to cover up the dry skin. I'm sooo looking forward to washing my hair on Saturday!

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