Friday, February 1, 2008


I'm so glad it's Friday. My hair really needs to be washed. Last night I massaged my scalp with tea tree oil. There were flakes everywhere. I don't think I have dandruff, just really dry scalp. It all started from that bad relaxer I got in December. I pincurled my hair again, and instead of doing 3 pincurls, I did 4 (2 in the back, 1 on each side). I also curled the left side to the back instead of the front. This morning, my hair looked just okay, but I think it's because it's so dirty and heavy with product (shea butter, oil & moisturizer). It's rainy today, so I put it up in a clip with just a little of the right side out. I even got a compliment from a co-worker, lol! I went to Beauty World yesterday after work to get the products I need for my first wash of my new regimen. The KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp shampoo and conditioner were each $17.99! I really want to use the KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp line since my scalp is in such bad shape right now. I can get them cheaper online, but I won't get them by tomorrow, and with shipping and handling, it might add up being the same. I'm going to look at another place called Sunny's here in Durham today after work, hoping it will be a little cheaper. Another reason for me to get the heck out of Durham- in Boston, I know of all the places to get stuff!

I think I'm allergic to the flaxseed oil pills I've been taking. I've had a rash on my stomach, arms, legs, and face every since I started taking them. I forgot to take them for 2 days this week and it cleared up, but when I took one yesterday, I was so itchy and the rash on my face re-appeared. I took benedryl last night and it seems likes it's clearing up. I'm laying off the vitamins for a minute. I've been eating really well lately, so I'm going to continue getting what I need through food. I feel like I'm doing the right things for my scalp, but I know it's going to take a little time to get it healthy again.

Update: I went to Sunny's after work (it's closer to my house and has all the stuff Beauty World has), and the KeraCare stuff was a little cheaper. The D&I shampoo was $14.99 and the conditioner was $16.99. The wierd thing is that the conditioning creme hairdress was more expensive at $11.49 vs. $9.99. I got all 3 anyway. I also bought some Elasta QP Creme Conditioning Shampoo, a sample size carrot creme, a sample size oil sheen and a spray bottle.

Also, I'm confirming my allergy to the flaxseed oil pills. I wasn't itchy at all today.

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