Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New DC recipe and a wrap alternative

I just found some cool tips from the Healthy Textures forum:

A deep conditioner mix of 1 whole egg, cholesterol cream, honey and some coconut oil + EVOO that I brewed with fresh rosemary leaves, powdered fenugreek and cinnamon. I have no idea what fenugreek is, but I think it's something ayurvedic. I was planning on adding some evoo to my conditioner and maybe even honey (it seems too sticky), but the rosemary, cinnamon and fenugreek sounds interesting...

Also, maybe a solution to my wrapping problem I posted yesterday: "I went to the end of that part at the crown, then parted off a section towards the ear. That separates a 'front/side' section from a 'rear' section. Next, I apply my moisturizer to the front/side section, comb it smooth, then starting at the end, bend the hair into a large 'C' shape. I turn or roll the hair as if on a huge invisible roller, then once I get to the head, I lay this big curl flat and secure it with the pin, as shown in the pic. On the rear section, just repeat the steps. "

I'm trying it tonight! Last night I put just a drop of Keala oil on my ends before I wrapped it, and I notice my hair looks better today than it did yesterday. My scalp is still flaky, but it's definitely getting better. I'm not going to put the 100% shea butter on my scalp again, but I'm glad I did it over the weekend.

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