Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Overall health/my first hair problem

Not only am I trying to achieve healthier hair, but I'm trying to achieve better health overall. I want to improve my skin and weight too. I'm actually pretty happy with my weight, but I want to tone up some more. I know that I haven't been eating properly lately, and I know it's due to stress. I don't eat a lot of junk food like most people; instead I don't eat at all. I can go all day without eating, then I'm starving at the end of the day, which is the worst time to eat so much. I'm committed to eating better. I know they say eating 5-6 small meals is best, but that's just not realistic for me. I'm not that hungry, I'll forget, and I don't have access to food. I guess I could bring it in to work, but in order for me to remember, I would have to put the food right in front of me. I've actually started putting 2 pieces of fruit in front of my monitor, and that has been working pretty well. I'm also drinking more water. I know that I am severely dehydrated. I can tell in my skin and my hair. Last week I started forcing myself to drink at least 65 oz of water a day. Of course that means that I'm running to the bathroom every 10-15 minutes, but I think that will only last a week or 2. Drinking so much water is also good because it keeps me from drinking other things like sugary juices and sodas. I have to cut myself off from water at 4pm though, because otherwise I struggle holding it in on my way home! Even though it's winter, I try to walk my dog at least a mile each day. He and I both need the exercise- for our weight and our mental state. I'm also going to start doing yoga again 4-5 times a week. I used to be so good at doing it, I guess I just got lazy or depressed or something.

Last week I started taking flaxseed oil vitamins. Flaxseed is rich in omega 6, which is good for skin, hair and muscles. (Fish has omega 3 which is also good, but I already eat a lot of fish.) I haven't noticed a difference, but I have been breaking out all over. I have a rash on my stomach and a couple of itchy bumps on my arms and knees that look like mosquito bites. I don't know if that's from the flaxseed oil, or from the antibiotics I just got off from an ear infection, or something else. I just figure I'll give the flaxseed oil a rest until the rash and bumps clear up.

I really want to wash my hair today. I just got a relaxer Saturday and it's only Tuesday, so I'll wait. My hair always seems to get dirtier faster after a relaxer. Also, I put 100% shea butter on my scalp on Sunday, so it has weighed my hair down. I just need to be strong and wait until Saturday to wash my hair. I guess I could always do a co-wash, but I don't feel like rollersetting and sitting under the dryer today and then again on Saturday. I try to wait to wash my hair until Saturday because I play tennis on Friday nights.

Hair problem A: I don't like my hair after wrapping it. When it was short, I could wrap both sides to the back, but now that I'm in the "in-between" stage of growth, that doesn't work anymore. After a rollerset, I wrap it, and it looks good for the first day or 2, then it flattens out on one side. No matter what direction I wrap, the side I end the wrap in comes out really straight, flat and sometimes sticking out. I know one option is cross-wrapping, but when I try that, the back of my hair loses body. I thought about pincurling, but I'm afraid it won't look as full. I even tried switching the direction of the wrap every day, but then my hair is totally flat!

Here's a good article on moisture vs. protein!

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