Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Bad pincurl

I pincurled my hair last night, and this morning it looked so busted! It's kind a big deal too, because I'm in Dallas for work and of course I didn't bring a flatiron or curling iron. I think my hair is just too thin for this. I just put it back in a clip. I did it to get some body because my hair was so flat, but oh well!

Updated at 5:54pm: I'm still pissed about this pincurl. What did I do wrong?? Last week my pincurl wasn't perfect, but at least there was curl. Today my ends were all frizzy. I really don't want to put any heat in it, but I do want to wear it out when I go out tomorrow night. I'll just try to find something cute to put it up in a ponytail...

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