Saturday, February 2, 2008


Okay, so I've been blogging and complaining about my dry scalp since that horrible relaxer I got in December. However, when I washed my hair today, my scalp is FINE. There aren't any flakes, but there is some dry skin around my hairline, but I think it's residue from the rash from my reaction to the flaxseed oil pills. My scalp issues must have been from the products or the method my stylist was using. She's officially fired as of today. She's a nice person, but she doesn't appreciate the fact the my hair is not the same as everyone else's and doesn't like the same products she uses on everyone. I had her not use the setting lotion (Influance) she and all the other stylists in the salon use, but she did put some Paul Mitchell Cream in my hair before she rollerset it. Maybe my hair doesn't like Paul Mitchell products either. I haven't liked my hair since I started going to her in November. I can't believe I stuck with her this long, because I'm famous for switching hair stylists. I guess because I don't really know or trust anyone in NC, I stayed with her. I'm back to doing my own hair from now on. I just need to find someone to do my relaxers, because I don't trust myself enough to do it.

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