Thursday, February 21, 2008

No oils?

Now I'm thinking that my hair hates oil. Since my hair has been so flat and thin lately, I've been trying to think of what I've been doing different over the past couple of weeks...oils! I put oil in my dc and I've been using my ayurvedic oils as a pre-poo. I've also put a little coconut oil in my hair before rollersetting and using castor oil at night. So either I'm using too much or my hair doesn't like it at all. Last night I put some powder in my hair to soak up some oil, and what do you know, my hair looks a little thicker again! I shouldn't bee too surpised. My hair has always pretty much hated oil, except when I had braids. My hair does like my bbd oil (which I only use a drop at a time) and the warm spirit oil as a hot oil treatment once in a while. Even though I shampoo a lot of the ayurvedic oils out, I guess there still is some left on my hair. Castor oil hasn't been doing a thing for my ends either. See, here’s another reason for me to keep off those hair forums- I know that what works for everyone else usually doesn’t work for me!

This weekend I'm not going to use any oil and see what happens..


Belle Cheveux said...

Have you ever tried oil rinsing? My hair was snapping off like crazy. That's the last time I ever do it. The only time I ever use oil is for sealing moisture. And for that I only use Coconut oil. Anything else will make my hair feel greasy.

Anonymous said...

I agree my hair hates the ayuredic craze that's been going on. I went and waisted my money at the indian store and on line on this crap. Now these oils and stupid shampoo bars are sitting on my shelf collecting dust. I am so regretful because my progress to shiny healthy hair has been set back. Now I have to nurse my hair back to health because my hair is now dry and brittle even after going back to my regimen of weekly washes without oils and going back to using shampoo and deep conditioning my hair with the best products. KeraCare if you know what I mean. I'm disappointed.