Thursday, February 14, 2008

Protein vs. Moisture

I got some really good advice today, and did some research on protein vs. moisture in my hair. This site really helped me figure out that it's not too much protein, but too much moisture that is causing my problems:

If your hair:
(When Wet or Dry) Stretches slightly and returns to its original length without breaking, you are balanced! Stick with maintaining!

(When Wet or Dry) Stretches a little more than normal then breaks, you need more protein in your regimen.

(When Wet or Dry)Stretches, stretches, stretches with no significant breakage yet, add a bit more protein to your regimen.

(Wet)- Feels weak, gummy, mushy, or limp, you need to add more protein to your regimen.

(Wet or Dry) Experiences very little to no stretching, and simply snaps or breaks, you need to increase the moisture in your regimen.

(Dry) Feels rough, tough, hard, dry, tangly, brittle, or any combination of those, you need more moisture in your regimen.

So, I need to add more protein! The author also give some recommendation for products with protein:

Shampoos- Mane N Tail Shampoo, Motions Lavish Shampoo
Conditioners-Motions Moisture Silk Protein conditioner, Aubrey Organics GPB Leave Ins/Other Products- Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor, Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hair, Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructor, Infusium 23 Leave In Conditioner, Nexxus Emergencee, Nexxus Keraphix, Motions CPR, Cantu Shea Butter BreakCure, Cantu Shea Butter GrowStrong, Profectiv Breakfree Moisturizer, Profectiv Megagrowth Moisturizer, Elasta QP Mango Butter Moisturizer, Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Mane N Tail Conditioner, Garnier Fructis Long and Strong, Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Hair Mayo, Got2B Soft 1 Minute Emergency, Rusk Sensories 60 second Revive, ORS replenishing pak, Garnier Fructis Long N Strong
Leave Ins/Other Moisturizers- Kenra Daily Defense leave in conditioner mist, Dove Intense Moisture Mist, Salerm 21 leave in conditioner, Organic Root Stimulator's Olive Oil Moisturizer, Neutragena Silk Touch Leave In Conditioner

I'm thinking, I'll use the Organics Mayo as a DC rather than a pre-poo. I've also heard good things about ORS replenishing pak. It's only $1.29, so I can buy it and not feel guilty about falling off the wagon (since I'm such a product junkie)!

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Anonymous said...

Isnt mango Butter an ordinary hair moisturizer as opposed to conidtioner that you wash off?