Saturday, February 16, 2008

Protein Treatment

Today I did my weekly wash. I put in my ayurvedic oil mix (amla, vatika, castor, evoo, coconut) on my scalp and hair last night. This morning I ran some baking soda mixed with water over my hair to clarify, shampooed with KeraCare D&I Scalp shampoo, conditioned with KeraCare D&I Scalp conditioner. I got out of the shower and put a little Jazzing mocha on my grey platinum edges. Then, I deep conditioned with 1/2 of the ORS Replenishing Pak and put a little Organics Mayo on top of that. I sat under the dryer for about 15 minutes, rinsed, put Parnevu for Extra Dry Hair Leave-in Conditioner in (I've been using the dry, itchy scalp one), roller-set, and did the saran wrap thing. I also started taking a multi-vitamin today- I'm still afraid to take a hair vitamin or oil pill (but, I've been juicing carrots and drinking a cup every day for the past 5 days!). My hair does look a lot thicker, so I guess I really needed the protein dc. The roots are getting kinda thick, which I guess I should be happy about, since that equals growth. But, I'm not going to blow-dry my roots until I'm at least 4 weeks post-relaxer (I'm only 3).

Oh, and the rinse didn't work at all on my platinum hair, but I did see some brown highlights on some of the front of my hair. I read online yesterday that the Clairol Natural Instincts isn't semi-permanent when you go darker than your natural shade- it's permanent! After a few minutes of depression about it, I've accepted the fact that I will be black for a while. But, maybe if I keep trying these brown rinses every other week or so, my hair will lighten a little. My hair is so much shinier when it's black..

When I went to the beauty supply store yesterday to get the replenishing pak ($1.49, but cheaper other places), I saw some Ultra Sheen Duo Tex, which is a heavy duty protein treatment. I've read on some of the hair boards that it's really good. It was only $4.99, but I didn't buy it (patting myself on the back). I'm really trying to use the products I have before buying anything else. Plus, it was in a huge bottle, and it would end up just taking up space if I didn't like it. Why can't I find sample sizes of products?!


Belle Cheveux said...

Wow! Your hair looks really healthy. Whatever you're doing, stick to it. By the way, nice blog. Do you mind if I link? :)

Dara said...

Bookmarking your blog! Our hair is about the same length and your wash turned out fantastic. Taking some tips since the only "good hair day" I ever have is after my 3 month relaxer.

Happy Hair Growing!

Shaquanna said...

I love Black rinses... I think I'm due for another one soon!