Friday, March 21, 2008

8 weeks- I made it!

I know that for some people, going 8 weeks between relaxers is nothing, but it's a huge feat for me. When I had really short hair, I never went longer than 5 weeks! I'm experiencing some shedding and breakage, but I've kept my hair up all week and bagged my ends 3 nights this week, so it's not too bad. My roots are a mess though. I have NOT figured out how to soften my new growth. In a couple of weeks after my move, I will try some new conditioners to help control the new growth.

I've been putting Hollywood Beauty castor oil with mink oil on my scalp every other night this week. I will put some pure castor oil on my ends and my hair shaft tonight and tomorrow morning before I get my relaxer to protect the hair that is already relaxed. I have to say, I'm not that impressed with the Hollywood Beauty castor oil. It leaves a weird film on my fingertips that makes me a little uncomfortable. It has some great ingredients (jojoba oil and stuff), but it feel weird. It was only 99 cents. If I hadn't thrown away my ultra sheen green grease the other day when I was in a purging mood, I would use that. I better not burn!

I'm going to a new place for my relaxer tomorrow, so I'm a little nervous. I fired my last stylist a couple of months ago after she didn't wash all of the relaxer out, for the second time. I already know that she uses Affirm relaxers, so that's good. My hair has always responded well to Affirm. I am worried that she will tell me that I need to cut my hair, but I'm going to be strong and only have her lightly trim the ends. If my hair is that damaged, I'm going to tell her that I'll just get another trim the next time. I'm only going to her this one time, since I'm moving in a couple of weeks. I'm not even sure if I'm going to stay with my old stylist back home. She was good at relaxing, coloring and cutting my hair when it was short, but I was never crazy about her styling techniques. The last time I saw her (in October), she had my hair looking crazy. I was able to fix it by wrapping it for an hour, but still! And, she's expensive on top of that. I have a few ideas of other people I can go to...

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LovingLife said...

Congradulations! I remember when I did my first eight weeks. I remember wondering if the relaxer would even work because I had so much new growth. Now eight weeks is pretty much standard and I strive to stetch out even further.
See if you can make it at least 8 weeks going forward. You'll definately see a difference in the long run.