Thursday, May 1, 2008

New product - Giovanni Direct Leave-in

So, I saw that Rite Aid has Giovanni products on sale this week. I've been dying to try the Giovanni Direct leave-in conditioner for a while, so this was perfect. I planned on buying a bottle of the leave-in and a bottle of Organix conditioner that was also on sale (buy one get one free). Well, I've been to 4 Rite Aids and none of them carry the leave-in- only the shampoos and conditioners. Today during lunchtime after I voted (I'm still registered in NC and since I'm here this week, I voted early- primaries are on Tuesday), I passed by Whole Foods. I bought the leave-in there. I wanted to buy some Aubrey or J/A/S/O/N products, but I was good and only bought the conditioner...and some sushi. I couldn't wait to try it, so I rubbed a little on my hair. OMG, it really softened my hair, which has been a little hard and dry since my last wash on Monday. I can't wait to try it when my hair is wet because I hear it's good on new growth!

I probably shouldn't get my hopes up so much, but so far so good!


Belle Cheveux said...

You've been tagged, read my page for the rules. :)

Margarida539 said...

it really is an amazing product! your hair will feel so silky, and have pretty good slip!