Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July '08 Relaxer/New Regimen

My relaxer last week went really well. I didn't burn even though I washed a couple of days before. She used Mizani perm and my hair is really straight. She said since my hair is getting stronger, she'll go back to Affirm next time. I went 8 weeks and I couldn't believe how much growth I achieved. However, I cut another 3/4 of an inch off. I think I finally got all of the over processed hair out. I was going to go ultra short, but my stylist encouraged me not to cut it and see how my hair does now that I am committed to keeping it healthy. I'm glad she did, because I really want to see how long my hair can get. She wrapped my hair and bumped my ends. That style makes my hair too straight for my taste, but I don't always like the way she rollersets, and her shop was too hot for me to be under the dryer that long. Even while she was curling my hair, I could feel my scalp sweating. One thing that bothered me: she told me that I will never have thick hair, which hurt my feelings a little. My hair has been thick in the past, so I don't believe it's impossible for my hair to be thick. When I first moved back and went to her a few months ago, she said my hair was horrendous. I'm not usually that sensitive, but damn, she could have used better words. I just have to put those comments out of my mind and keep working towards my goals. Her negativity will only drive me to work harder on making my hair thick and healthy.

Four days later, I shampoo'd with neutralizing shampoo, since I'm so paranoid now about getting all the relaxer out. I also put a semi-permanent color in, using the black color from the Beautiful Collection. I dc'd with ORS Replenishing. I didn't use a leave-in, because I'm trying to see what the benefits are (I love Giovanni direct on my new growth, but I'm not sure how useful it is on a fresh relaxer). Then I rollerset my hair with small rollers. It came out nice, but a little dry, so maybe I do need a leave-in! Other than the dry feeling (which was cured with some KeraCare hairdress), I'm really happy with my set. I know now that smaller rollers are best, because my curls stay longer, and my hair looks a lot fuller.

Now that I've gotten all the bad ends cut off, I feel so optimistic because it feels like I'm starting over fresh. I also want to simplify my regimen. Sometimes I get product happy from reading all of the hair boards and blogs, so I'm going to stick to the same products for a while, and NOT buy anything until I run out. I've been pretty good lately. The only thing I bought at the bss the other day was the hair color! I'm still on a quest for more moisture, but I'm just going to keep working with the products I have. I'll admit that I haven't been good at deep conditioning lately. My house has been so hot. But, I promise myself that I will dc at least once a week. Using the heating cap rather than my hooded dryer is so much cooler.

Of course, there are some things on my wishlist: Sebastian's Colourshines or ColorShowers, Nairobi foam wrap, some more Organix products, and KeraCare Humecto. But I can't buy them, unless I run out of the color, setting lotion or conditioner that I already have.

I also started taking my multivitamins again. I can't even remember why I stopped taking them 4 months ago. I guess because I was juicing every day and eating so well. Lately, I haven't been eating as well as I should, so I definitely need the vitamins.

My updated regimen:

2x per week:
Pre-poo: Vatika oil and Organix conditioner (coconut or shea formulas for moisture and vanilla for new growth). Work out or sit under dryer.
Shampoo: Co-wash with Suave Naturals Cocounut conditioner. If I do need a shampoo, I'll use KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp (if my scalp is dry and itchy) or Elasta QP Moisturizing Shampoo.
Condition: Pantene Relaxed and Natural or KeraCare Dry & Itchy Scalp Conditioner (if needed).
Deep Condition: ORS Replenishing Pak or Aphogee 2 minute treatment if I need more protein. I also apply a semi-permanent color from the Beautiful Collection when needed.
Leave-in Conditioner: Giovanni Direct or Salerm 21.
Rollerset: Lottabody or Dudley setting lotion diluted with water and water mixed with coconut oil to keep my hair wet. Paul Mitchell Foaming Pomade or Elasta QP Glaze to lay my edges and naped down. Set using mesh rollers, end papers and pins, and sit under the dryer for about 75 minutes.
Wrap: After I take the rollers out, put a little Keala oil on hair. Wrap hair and wrap it with saran wrap and sit under the dryer for about 15 minutes OR skip saran wrap and just go to bed with a silk scarf.

Evening: Scalp massage with a few drops of grapeseed or coconut oil, put some oil on my ends if needed, cross wrap or pincurl, and put a silk scarf on. I sleep on a satin pillowcase.
Morning: Comb out the wrap and rub a small amount of KeraCare Creme Hairdress and seal ends with oil if needed.


Margarida539 said...

your stylist is a little too blunt for my can you keep going back to her? i mean, we women go through enough for people to find us attractive, and when people say such harsh things, it's so discouraging! i'm glad you're making progress though.

Anonymous said...

You can get thicker here simply by texturising/ texlaxing instead of wrapping.