Monday, August 11, 2008

Style? What Style?

I've found the right products to use; now I need to work on styling my hair better. Now that it's growing out, I'm not liking the style, or lack of one. My hair looks and feels healthy, but I feel like I look like an old lady with this style. I refuse to have any scissors to my head for at least another 3 months so I need to figure something out.

It's only the past couple of days that I've felt this way. Last week, I really liked my hair, and it rained every day! Lately, the moist weather makes my hair look a little fuller and nicer, in my opinion. I can usually calm the frizz by sealing with grapeseed oil and pincurling. It's only been about 5 weeks since my relaxer, but my roots are somewhat thick, so I'm sure this has a little to do with it. It doesn't seem like it's hard to style, but it's difficult to make my hair lay right without heat. I haven't used any heat (other than a hooded dryer) in about 6 weeks, and I want to see how long I can go. My friend told me to just wrap it and leave it straight, but the wrap doesn't work for me. The side I end with always sticks out and looks crazy- I know it will look crazier with this much new growth!

For this week's wash, I may set with smaller rollers, and wear my hair curly with a headband or scarf pushing it back. I've been wanting to experiment with accessories anyway. We'll see how that turns out.

I can't wait until my hair grows a little longer so I can do more with it! I do see progress, so I'm happy and grateful for that..


Ms. S said...

Boo to all this rain!!! My hair can't hold a style for anything. I am trying to experiment more though. Good luck to us both! =)

Belle Cheveux said...

Hey girl! I'm inviting you to join TCHD's network:

n_vizion said...

Yeah, I think curly hair is the way to go if you combating: new growth, and inbetween style hair.

Hopefully the hair doesn't frizz up with all the rain.