Monday, September 22, 2008

Fall/Winter Regimen

Today is the first official day of fall. I thought I would still have a few days to enjoy summer things (open-toed shoes, tank tops, keeping my windows open all day), but here in Boston, you never know! I didn’t think my hair regimen would change too much, but now I’m re-considering. Even as I walked to work this morning, I felt like the cold, dry wind was hurting my hair already. Given that, I’ve come up with some things I’ll do differently to my hair for the next 8 months:
  • Consider going back to washing once a week instead of 2 (I’m thinking every 5-7 days). I don’t think I’ll have the energy or motivation to wash as often anyway (I think I have a touch of seasonal affective disorder). My hair may need a wash twice a week since it has been thriving, so we’ll see..
  • Wear hats whenever I can. In the winter in Boston, I usually keep my hair wrapped in my silk scarf, put a hat over it, and comb out my hair when I get to work.
  • Wear silk scarves so that my hair doesn’t rub against wool sweaters and coats.
  • Leave my pre-poo in longer than 30 minutes.
  • Use the DIY steam treatment every time I deep condition.
  • Be better at massaging my scalp and sealing ends- once or even twice a day!
  • Apply a color rinse every other week to better condition my hair.
  • Incorporate protective styles once my hair gets to shoulder-length (crossing my fingers for February ’09).

I plan on changing my products too much, I’m just not going to be doing as many co-washes.


Ms. S said...

I was going to email you today to ask how often do you color rinse your hair... You must have read my mind because you mentioned here in this post!

I was thinking of doing another color rinse early October... starting off with once a month... since I'm still paranoid about doing it myself.

P.S. You will def make shoulder length by Feb. 2009! =)

Tiffanita said...

My old stylist used to tell me to save my money and do my own rinses at home, so you'll be fine! It depends on what color I use- for black, I apply more often, especially if I'm washing 2x a week.

Thanks for the encouragement! I haven't used heat in months, so hopefully I can retain my length this winter!

Ms. S said...

When you apply your color rinse, how do you apply it? Do you use a brush or just toss it on? I am considering trying to do a color rinse myself in 2 weeks.

Tiffanita said...

I usually use a brush, but if I'm lazy and don't have any gloves, I just toss it on from the bottle. Just make sure you apply it to all parts of the hair- I have had sections where I could clearly see that I missed!