Thursday, September 18, 2008

No Setting Lotion?

For my wash yesterday, I re-visited using serum for my rollerset. Lottabody and Dudley's setting lotions are okay, but I haven't felt that my hair is as moist as it could be. I did my regular pre-poo and co-wash. I also applied the color rinse again, but this time I put deep conditioner on top of it- to soften up my hair and to save time so I wouldn't have to sit under the dryer twice before setting. After I rinsed the color/dc out, I used Salerm 21 leave-in, sprayed some coconut oil mixed with water, and then sprayed some Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum mixed with water. I then set my hair as usual, using a spray bottle of water to keep it wet. I'm not sure if it was from the color, the serum or a combination of both, but my hair came out shiny and much thicker looking. I also had less hairs in the sink when I combed my curls out.

I had been wrapping my hair all the way around for the past 2 and a half weeks since my relaxer, and decided to go back to cross-wrapping, which works much better for me. I'll try the full wrap again when my hair gets longer. Funny, when my stylist wraps my hair it comes out great. I guess I don't have the technique down.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your blog. I started using PM Skinny serum on my wet hair with a leave-in also. I've found it is the only way I can save my hair from tangle. Love that serum.

Anonymous said...

i heard kera care foam wrap lotion was good. i have ear length hair and my stylist uses it. and i love it.