Friday, November 14, 2008

In a Rut

I've been feeling like I'm in a rut lately- hair-wise and overall life-wise. I know a lot of it has to do with the days getting shorter, the weather getting colder and the fact that I haven't been exercising lately. My dog had surgery on his leg about a month ago, so now I don't take him for our 2-mile walks every day. I need to just walk without him I guess...

As far as hair, I keep telling myself to be patient as my hair grows out of this awkward phase. It's not short anymore, but it's not long either. I've just been sticking with my staple products and continuing to not use any direct heat. I'm not trying to risk having a set-back, but I also don't feel as pretty. My hair is getting thicker and longer, but some days I think I look like an old lady! At night, I've been alternating between cross-wraps, pin curls and full wraps. Each of those techniques have their pros and cons:

Pros: my sides look great
Cons: the back looks messed up- it doesn't fall too well

Pin Curls
Pros: my hair looks curly and full
Cons: inconsistent curls- some areas look great, while others look bent or frizzy; I also don't like that my hair loses some bounce and doesn't lay well

Full Wrap
Pros: my hair looks full and put together
Cons: one side is usually sticking out and frizzy; I lose curls after the first 2 days

Some other observations this week:

- I did try alternating the direction I wrap in every night this week. I was afraid my hair would look a mess, but it came out okay. I don't think it would work for a whole week, though.

- I used castor oil on my ends last night before I pin curled, and my hair came out so thick-looking and shiny! I tried castor oil earlier this year as a pre-poo, and it was too heavy, but using just a drop on my ends seems like it will work for me.

- I tried my half wig on last night and I hated it! I don't know why, because when I wore it last year I loved it. I guess I'm going to shop for a new one, or maybe ask my stylist to cut this one in a style or something.

Hopefully, in another month or so, my hair will be long enough to put it in a bun!

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Ms. S said...

Hey there! I am the same way... winter comes around and I just get bored and restless.

You are making such good progress on your hair! Stay strong! =)