Monday, November 3, 2008

October '08 Relaxer

I got my relaxer last weekend. I went 8 weeks. I was aiming for 9 weeks, but like I wrote earlier, my vanity got in the way, and there wasn't much time for me to get a relaxer during week 9. I was experiencing a lot of shedding and breakage, so for now, 8 weeks is my limit. My hair stylist, D, gave me a Mizani regular relaxer again. The woman who rinsed my hair put in Nexxus Humectin conditioner in it. It smelled really good! D wrapped my hair and gave me a very little trim. She bumped my ends with the curling iron just to give me some bounce.

As D put in the relaxer and as she styled my hair, she kept commenting on how good my hair was doing. I didn't tell her about all the extra conditioning I've been doing, but I did tell her that I think the key is not using heat. She couldn't believe that I haven't used any heat since July. She asked me if it was really hard not using the curling iron or flat iron, and I told her no because a) I like my hair to look as full as possible, and I don't get that look with curling irons, and b) I honestly don't think I know how to use heat appliances correctly anyway.

I had a good experience this time at the salon. I was out of there in just under 2 hours, which I think is great, especially for a Saturday morning. I definitely see growth. I was excited that my hair is long enough that I don't even need to get my nape shaped up with the clippers anymore!


Charmaine said...

It looks so pretty!! Shiny too..

Anonymous said...

Congrats, your hair looks really good.

be-you-tifulfaces said...

Your hair looks so healthy! I'm jealous...LOL.

Ms. S said...

I am co-signing on what everyone else have said: Your hair looks great!! =)