Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Re-visiting the Wrap

It's no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with wrapping my hair. I always complain that wrapping doesn't work for me because the side I end the wrap (the crazy side) is always jacked up. The ends are frizzy and it sticks out on that side. But I do love how the other side comes out- my ends are smooth and my hair is bouncy and has great movement. Well, since I got my last relaxer almost 5 weeks ago, all I've been doing is wrapping my hair- all the way around- and it's been coming out great! I've been getting tons of compliments and people keep asking me where I get my hair done. I think the biggest factor my success is the fact that my hair is so much healthier than it has been in years, so my ends aren't frizzy at all. Also, my hair is longer, so it's heavier. I'm not quite at shoulder length yet (hopefully within the next month or 2!), but having some length does help it fall better. Some other things that have helped are:

changing the direction of my wrap after each wash every week. It's winter, so it's cold and dry and I'm not as motivated to wash my hair as often, so I've been washing it once a week. One week I wrap to the left every day, the next week I wrap to the right. I think it's also helping to prevent breakage and weak edges. After about 5 days, I'm not feeling the wrap as much, but if I put some rollers in it for an hour or so, I get the body back.

moisturizing and brushing the crazy side. My linesister always yells at me to "just put some oil on it and brush it." It definitely works! I just brush the crazy side 3-4 times to

using light products. All I have been using is KeraCare Creme Hairdress every day and applying grapeseed oil on the ends- both moisturize my hair well without weighing it down. Having body and bounce is important to me.

wrapping tightly after rollersetting. This was my "ah ha" moment. My stylist wraps my hair wonderfully and doesn't understand why I keep telling her that I can't wrap my hair or the wrap doesn't work for me. About a month ago after I took the rollers out, my boyfriend helped me with the saran wrap and he did it extra tight. When I combed my hair out after sitting under the dryer for 15 minutes, my hair looked amazing, and I was 7 weeks post relaxer! I don't wrap my hair that tight every night, but I do wrap it as tight as I can after rollersetting. My hair falls a lot better and my roots are so much less puffy.

I'm not sure I'll be able to wrap much after 5-6 weeks post relaxer because my roots will be puffy, but I'm going to try!

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Grade A said...

Before I cut my hair, my stylist had be wrapping it tight every night b/c the way it falls is gorgeous and it looks fresher longer.

I saw this on LSA and I love the hair tips!