Thursday, February 12, 2009

Relaxer Time

I'm getting a relaxer this weekend- I'll be at 8 weeks. Since I started my healthy hair journey a little over a year ago, I have been getting relaxers every 8 weeks. This is huge, considering since I got my first perm at age 14, I have never gone past 6. There were even times when I would get a relaxer every 4 weeks. My hair has thanked me for waiting longer by growing thick and healthy. I never want to stretch too long because I don't like all the shedding, but after this time, I'm going to try to go 9 weeks for the next year.

If I didn't have a formal event to go to this weekend, I would wait another week to get a relaxer. I'm really loving my thick hair right now. Surprisingly, my roots aren't too bad. I can see new growth, but the natural curl pattern is looser than usual, so it's very manageable. I like big hair anyway. Even my edges aren't as "nappy" like they usually are this long after a relaxer. I think the co-washes have a lot to do with it- I'm only using shampoo every other week now. I'm getting better at rollersetting, which is helping too.

A year ago, my hair was a little longer than it is now, but it was in the worse condition it had ever been in. My strands were thin and weak, my ends were over processed, and my hair wasn't really absorbing any products. I had just about made shoulder length last March, but what good was it if my hair didn't look good and couldn't hold a style? I am so glad that I got a lot of my hair cut off and turned it into a healthy head of hair. Even my bad hair days aren't so bad now. I actually get more compliments when I put my hair up in a clip!

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