Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 2009 Relaxer

I got a relaxer a few days ago after going 12 weeks. I don't have a photo because I got it curled, so I'll post a picture when it's straight. My salon experience was really good. I didn't get anything different, but the relaxer didn't burn at all, which is rare for me. Also, my hair didn't shed at all, which is great, considering I just had a baby. My stylist was really impressed with my hair. The way she talks to me about hair has changed to, because I guess she can see I'm serious about taking care of it. She gave me some tips on how to style my hair, and even gave me short tutorial on braidouts. She told me that I should try it now that my hair is longer.

I'm going to try to keep going 12 weeks between relaxer. My hair is so much healthier this way, and I like seeing how much it's grown after so long. I also save money and time. I calculated that by getting a relaxer every 12 weeks instead of 6 saves me $425 and I go to the salon only 4 times a year instead of 9.

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