Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Postpartum Shedding

I had my baby just about 3 months ago, and for the past week I've been experiencing a lot of shedding. My hair doesn't look or feel thin, it's just all that hair in my comb, on my floor and even on my baby is freaking me out a little. I know I need a protein treatment, even though this shedding is hormonal and is caused by things inside of my body. The air is cold & dry and I haven't done a good protein treatment in a while. I went to the beauty supply store today to get some Aphogee 2 step, but they were out. This is a good thing in a way, because I'm afraid to use that hard stuff. I think I will try the mayonnaise again and see how that works.


beegirl said...

Have you ever tried the ApHogee-Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor? It is not as harsh as the 2 step and has worked wonders for me. I put it on for 5 minutes - no longer. Good luck. Your hair looks amazing!!!

Hair and Beyond said...

It is normal for your hair to shed now, cause of the pregnancy. I would not do anything more to it at the risk of protien overload or worse. You can start taking garlic pills if you are not breastfeeding. I had said before that I retained a whole lot of growth with my babies since I had them back to back. Right around that 3 money mark when your body is all calmed down from giving birth I got pregnant again with my daughter. So my body never re-adjusted till 3 months after she was born. I lost all the new length I had retained.

What I am saying is it will come out no matter what you do, even starting the garlic pills, you will still have to give your body time to get those in your system. Since this is a hormonal thing I don't think they will work but so much.

Just relax don't risk off balancing your hair.

Tiffanita said...

Thanks for the advice!

Yes, I use the Aphogee 2-minute conditioner every other wash.

I know it's nothing I can control, which is why I'm not going to do too much other than the mayo. My boyfriend and one of my girlfriends don't think the shedding is that bad- I think I got so used to NO shedding for the past 10 months or so!

Anonymous said...
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