Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still Shedding...

I'm still shedding a million hairs a day! I got really freaked out when I washed my hair on Sunday, but history has taught me that stressing out about my hair just makes it worse. I'm going to relax and let nature take its hair still doesn't look any thinner, so I'm just going to keep conditioning and moisturizing.

I put in a rinse this weekend, and did not like the results. The color is fine, but my hair was tangled and felt hard for a day afterwards. (It's much better today) I think it's because I used a color from the Beautiful Collection when I've been using Adore for the past year or two. I was going to wash and deep condition it again this week, but I don't want to see any more hair in the comb. I only bought the BC rinse because Sallys didn't have the Adore. Another thing I don't like about the BC is that the color runs so much- I had so much color in the sink when I rinsed it out, and when I was rollersetting my hair, a lot of color dripped on my shirt- that never happens with the Adore. I don't plan on using the BC again!

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Katrina said...

Two questions: Are you breast-feeding? and Are you still taking your pre-natal vitamins?

After I had my daughter I breast-fed her for a year and the whole time I took my pre-natal vitamins to ensure my hair didn't shed. It worked for me. As a former hairstylist, I told my clients and it worked for them too.

If you're not doing it, give it a shot!