Monday, February 15, 2010

Product Review: KeraCare Foam Wrap Set Lotion & Essential Oils for the Hair

I just bought some more Lottabody for my rollersets last week. I usually use diluted Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum, but it doesn't seem to work as well for me lately, and Lottabody works well for me when I'm due for a relaxer. I was at the outlets this weekend and the hair outlet had some KeraCare products. I bought the Foam Wrap Set Lotion and the Essential Oils for the Hair.

Product Description
Produces full, incredibly lustrous wrap-set and wave-set styles.Deep conditions and moisturizes during dryer setting.Leaves hair with a healthy sheen.Contains natural lubricants that provide protection from the heat of dryers and other thermal styling appliances.Provides superior manageability with remarkable bounce and body.Detangles for easy wet combing and effortless combouts.Does not flake.

Directions: Shampoo and condition with Keracare products of choice. Shake Foam Wrap set lotion vigorously and distribute throughout hair. Comb Through for even distribution. Proceed to wrap set, sculpt or mold hair.

Water, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Polyquaternium-22 TEA- Lauroyl Keratin Amino Acids and others

My Experience
I pre-poo'd with coconut oil, tea tree oil and a little garlic juice. I shampooed with Creme of Nature Detangling shampoo and deep conditioned with KeraCare Humecto. I diluted the lotion with water and rollerset my hair. Although it says it's also a conditioner, I still used a leave-in. My hair came out shiny, moist and bouncy- probably one of my best rollersets. This is definitely now one of my staples. I rubbed a drop or 2 of the oils in my hair and my hair looked even better!

I also bought some Moroccan oil. I'll use it later this week and post a review.


FlowerChild said...

I was eyeballin a similar product in the bss the other day.

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