Monday, April 12, 2010

April 2010 Updates

I decided to give the garlic another try this weekend. I was reading how Traycee puts the powder from her garlic pills in a pre-poo to cut down on shedding, so I added some garlic powder from my spice cabinet to some conditioner as a pre-poo. I applied it to my scalp and new growth and left it in overnight. When I washed it out, I immediately noticed less hair in the drain. I also didn't have as much in the comb when I set my hair. So it just about stopped the shedding, but it also made my hair a little drier than usual. As I watched tv last night, I remembered that I usually change my regimen and products once I'm 6 weeks post relaxer. 7 weeks have gone by since my last relaxer and I hardly noticed! So I moisturized my roots and ends with B&B Moisturizer with Castor Oil, and my hair literally drank it up. Within seconds, my hair was moist and shiny.

Another reason my hair felt drier may have been the fact that I haven't put a rinse in my hair for a while. The rinses, especially the dark brown and black ones, moisturize and condition my hair so well. I'm thinking about trying henna, so I want to make sure that I get most of the color out before I henna my hair.

Also, my rollerset came out really nice this week, which I attribute to doing more smoothing on the roller as I rolled my hair. It took longer to set, but the results were worth it.

Now that I'm between shoulder and armpit length, I will start trying braidouts in the next few weeks. Since I started my healthy hair journey, I've always thought my hair was too short. Now I have no excuses to try it.

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