Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vacation Hair

I just came back from a fabulous vacation in the Caribbean. For the first time during vacation, I loved my hair every minute of the time I was there. I had gotten a relaxer a week before my trip. I didn't wash my hair before I went, so it was pretty straight the first 2 days. After that, I washed, air dried, and did a bantu knot out. I was a little worried that my hair wouldn't look full since it was so recently relaxed, but I was wrong. I loved how wavy and full it looked. Sometimes it looked a little wild, especially on the beach when the wind was blowing, but I loved it like that too! My girlfriends asked me what I did to it. When I told them, one of them said, "that wouldn't work on me because I don't have good hair like you." WHAT?! In all of my 30-something years, no one has ever said that I have good hair, lol. Even my man kept telling me how much he liked my hair and that I should wear it like that more often. He loves my longer hair!
This is making me think about air drying more often to get a thicker look.


Tiffany said...

your hair is so pretty in this pic! i've started air drying too and i love it. you should do a tutorial on how you do your bantu knots!

Margaret said...

Tiffanita, you are an inspiration. I am now where you were when you started your healthy hair journey and your blog is my hair bible. I do have seborrheic dermatitis (ezcema) on my scalp so that complicates things, but your blog is AMAZING for all women of color trying to have healthy hair! You've come so far! Congratulations on your fabulous hair!

Tiffanita said...

Thanks Tiffany!

Aww, you are too sweet Margaret- than you! I'm glad that I am an inspiration to you.