Friday, December 17, 2010

Satin Lining

In the winter, I always wrap or pin up my hair, put my silk or satin scarf on, and put a hat over it. I have seen a big difference in the amount of moisture I retain by doing this. I've been doing this way before I started my healthy hair journey. I hate being a cold, so a hat is a must, but I also realize that most of my hats are wool or cotton, which wreaks havoc on my hair.

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a yard of satin fabric because I like satin scarves at night better than silk scarves. After I cut out a square for my night scarf, I still had plenty of fabric left over, so last night I sewed a satin lining into one of my hats. I wore it today, and I loved it. My head was just as warm, and I didn't have to worry about combing my hair out when I got to work. I also won't have to worry about wrapping and putting a scarf on before I leave to go home. I want to do some other hats, but I wear a lot of my man's hats and I don't think he wants a satin lining in his hat! I do have a couple of my own hats, so I'm going to buy more satin to match the colors of my hats. I'm also thinking about lining my baby's hats. His hair is so cute and curly before we leave the house in the morning, but when we get to daycare and I take his hat off, he looks like Don King!

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Lady D said...

I was thinking about doing the same thing last weekend when I was wearing my hat!!!! Great minds think alike. :) I wondered if satin/silk lined hats are on the market too. Could be a nice opportunity to not only keep our hair moisturize etc but to make a few bucks. Just a thought. Thanks for sharing. HHJ!