Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Baby Boy's Hair

My almost one and a half year-old son's hair is so dry! I know it has a lot to do with the winter and the hats I put on him. I just sewed satin linings into his hats like I do mine, but winter is pretty much over! In the warmer weather months and when we went to the Caribbean a couple of months ago, I didn't deal with this dryness.

I'm not good at hair typing, but I would say his hair type is a 3C- it's mostly curly and very soft. Very UNLIKE his mother's, lol! He has a loose curl pattern that gets very curly when wet, but straightens out a little when it drys. The back of his hair is much curlier than the front. I've learned that his hair does not take well to shampoo, so I only do conditioner washes. Since he was a couple of months old, I have been using V05 Moisture Milks to co-wash his hair. I use a mix of water, glycerin and aloe vera juice as a leave-in, and ORS Moisturizing lotion as a moisturizer. It looks good when it dries, but as soon as I put a hat on or after a day, it looks like a dry nest. My girlfriend told me to try mousse- I did it one day and it really defined the curls, but it was crunchy and dry. I've also tried olive oil. Like the other products, it only works for a couple of hours. His hair is also a light/medium shade of brown (like mine), which I think is another reason for the dryness. I call it "dirty brown."

I did a little research online to come up with some ideas for his hair. Last night, I co-washed it with Aussie Moist conditioner. I also used a little as a leave in. His hair was still moist and curly when he woke up this morning. I applied a little castor oil to seal the moisture in. Let's see how it looks when I pick him up later today... Some ideas I read are to use Aubrey Organics White Camelia as a co-wash and leave-in, castor oil, a half glycerin/half aloe vera mix, and cocoa butter oil (that you use on your skin). I would appreciate any advice...

Update 5/5/11 I've been using Kids Organic Hair Lotion and sealing with Hollywood Beauty Castor Oil, and my baby boy's hair has been blinging! So moist and shiny!

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