Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pretty Good Twistout

I did a twistout last night. It's not great, but I felt good enough about it to wear it to work today.

The curls/twists have fallen some, so I'm liking it better as the day goes on.  I did it on dry hair.  I dampened my hair first with aloe vera juice, and added some Creme of Nature Argan Oil wrap lotion and coconut oil.  I did 5 flat twists (like cornrows) and curled the ends with flexirods.  I've never done flat twists before.  I'm excellent at cornrowing, but just using 2 pieces of hair feels awkward to me.  My ends seem a little frizzy- I'm not sure what I did wrong.  Maybe I need to smooth the ends better on the roller.   The curls are defined, but I wish the twists were bigger.  My relaxed hair is so thin that I don't know how I could get a more wavy look with the twists...if I do less than 5 twists, will more of my roots show?  I definitely need to work on getting better at these styles.  Maybe next time I'll sit under the dryer for a little while to try to get smoother results.  I have to admit it's been nice today going out and not worrying about the rain. Normally on rainy and windy days like today, I make sure I have a hat on.

I also need to do something about my platinum hair around my edges. The semi permanent color I've been using (Adore) isn't working anymore.  I may re-visit henna again.   

My roots are THICK.  I have about an inch and a half of new growth, but I still have no idea what my true texture is.  Although this style isn't a huge success, the fact that I've been able to keep my air dried hair moisturized for 2 days is a wonderful thing that I'm still shocked about.

I'm going to the gym tonight, so I'll probably co-wash and try again!


On Some Hair Sh*t said...

You look so nice! You are embracing the natural look head on. Go ahead then!

So, its your hair color that youre refering to when u mention your edges. (Forgive me I didnt read your posts starting with this latest entry. Thatll explain my edges comment in the other post. Lol!)

Yolandaas said...

I think it looks gorgeous hun! .. xx