Monday, May 7, 2012

Transitioning: Reason #11

When I was in the car waiting for my man, I scribbled a list of 15 reasons why I am transitioning to natural hair.  Over the next few weeks, I will discuss all 15, and maybe even add a few more.  These are in no particular order, I just feel like starting with 11 today!

REASON #11: Skimpy Ponytail

I hate my little skimpy ponytail.  I love to see thick, luscious ponytails.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for my hair. Not only is it because my hair is fine, but also relaxed.  Sometimes I feel like I've grown my hair in vain because when I wear a ponytail, it looks so sad.  I'd much rather have a short, full, happy puff!


Yolandaas said...

Mine is the same! You can see it in my second newest post.. But Oh well.. your hair is still gorgeous though xx

MeliMel said...

Lol! My hair was the same shortly ago. Incorporating protein treatments really helped thicken my hair. It's not where I want it to be but it is a whole lot better. I am deciding whether to transition to fully texlaxed or all natural. Have you considered that? You would have manageability and increased thickness. You will meet your goal whatever you do! HHJ!

Charli627 said...

I found a trick for my ponytails that worked for me. I do a braid or twist out. I will braid up or twist up my hair, then the next morning I will take down and fluff it then use a goody stretch band and make a "puff" like the natural girls do lol. And I can also take the puff and pin the ends under and make a big full bun too!

Charli627 said...

Oh but I'm also 12 months post so maybe that is what helps make it a "puff" as well