Monday, June 4, 2012

4 Months Transitioning

Today marks exactly 4 months since my last relaxer.  A little over 17 weeks to be exact.  Although dealing with my new growth and the 2 textures has been challenging, there hasn't been a day that I wanted to relax.  I just know that that the relaxer was doing more harm than good to my hair, and that my hair is on it's way to being healthy- even if that takes a little longer than I want.

Honestly, there's not much I have to add about learning about my hair.  I haven't found any magical products or techniques....yet.  I've just been trying to maintain it.  I have learned how to air dry it so that it stays relatively moist, thanks to aloe vera juice and jojoba oil.  I have been trying different products and styles to see what my hair responds to best.  I also am slowly learning how to manage my edges, and I hope to have a solid method to tame my edges in a week or so.  I've been using heat a little more than I want to, but I will continue to experiment with no-heat styles until I find something that looks nice and is good for my hair.

My new growth had been really hard for me to deal with, but, it seems to softening up some.  I had read about scab hair before, but wasn't sure if I believed in it.  Now, I'm really starting to understand what it is and what it means.

Scab hair is grown the period after you stop relaxing when the scalp is getting rid of the chemicals. During the scab hair period the scalp and hair may not look or feel normal. Sometimes scab hair is just a completely different texture than the true texture that should be growing out of your head. Sometimes scab hair can grow out straighter or look more dry and damaged than your natural hair type.  Some naturals never experience scab hair, but I am!

Newly grown hair that is dry, wiry and crinkly. If you recently big chopped and previously had a relaxer, the follicle may have been damaged previously from using the relaxer. Scab hair doesn’t represent the actual texture of your natural hair.

For the first 3+ months of my transition, my new growth was so dry and wiry and I've been so frustrated. This wiry texture has not responded to products, leaving it more dry.  I have had a consistent relaxer for over 20 years, so I'm sure there is some damage that occurred below my scalp.  Some of my natural friends have told me that it has taken up to a year for their true texture to show itself.  Just in the past week I have noticed that my new growth is coming in a little softer and curlier.  Even my edges have been laying down easier with little product.  I will continue to pray for better manageability!


MeliMel said...

Oh wow! I've never heard of scab hair! You've really got me considering going forth with this stretch /transition (haven't decided yet). Have you tried a Flexi rod set? I've done it with Carol's Daughter Mimosa hair honey and ORS local n twist gel or CON mousse. Comes out great and I'm no expert with those sets! I do it on freshly washed dry hair.

Tiffanita said...

@MeliMel, I have some flexirods, but haven't tried to set with them yet. How many flexirods do you use? I may try it this week. Thanks!

MeliMel said...

It depends on the look. If you want a lot of curls, use smaller rods (red or orange) and probably 20-30 rods. For slightly looser curls use about 12-20 (blue, grey, purple) rods. You can air dry and use 6! So whatever you feel. EbonyCPrincess has good videos on it and there are tons of others for wet or dry hair on YouTube

Anonymous said...

I'm happy to have found another transitioner! I'm in my 7th month :) I've "gone natural" in the past, but I don't remember my hair being this texture...It's going to be exciting to see our real textures in the next few months! Don't forget to enter my Summer Fun Giveaway :)

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