Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bye Bye Lye

I big chopped this weekend!  I went to my friend who works at a salon.  I've never gone to her before, but I wanted a professional to cut my hair.  I figured if I did it, it would be uneven.  Also, I don't own any good scissors (yet).  She did some things I wish she hadn't, but hey, it's done.  I went in with my hair in a rod set.  She just started cutting.  Before I knew it, there were relaxed curls on the floor.

The she washed my hair.  I asked her not to use shampoo, since I just shampoo'd 3 days prior, but she said I need it (ugh)  After is was wet, she blow dried it (ugh) to cut it into a shape.  Then, she wet and conditioned it again to get it to curl.  She wanted to play with it by adding some product and twisting it, but I wouldn't let her.  I left the salon with a wiry, crazy looking afro, but I was determined to fix it myself when I got home.  She has a really short haircut, but she goes to the barber to get it done, and she uses a relaxer.  So, she's not used to doing natural hair.

I had a picture of myself when I left the salon, but I deleted it from my camera by mistake.  Maybe I did it subconsciously?? ;-)

When I got home, I jumped in the shower and co-washed with Suave Coconut conditioner.  I got out and used a little as a leave in.  My hair was still pretty wiry, not really curly.  I applied some jojoba oil, and some Ecostyler gel, and started twisting.  The back and the sides twisted okay, but the front and the top wasn't cooperating.  So I put in 5 or 6 perm rods and sat outside in the heat for a little while.  When I took the rollers out, the top was curly.

The next day I went to the beach, and just sprayed my hair with my coconut oil and water mix.  I didn't get my hair too wet at the beach, but I co-washed when I got home and did the same thing I did the day before.  The next morning, I noticed that I still had some spiky ends, which I think were relaxed pieces, so I cut them myself.

I think my hair is in shock, and it will probably take a week or two for it to curl on its own.  I bought some products, but have only used the gel.  My hair is long enough to twist, so maybe I'll try some flat twists.

Right now I don't love my hair, but I don't hate it either.  I don't regret cutting it.  I'm happy to be natural.  I'm happy not to have to depend on a stylist. I'm happy to be free!


MeliMel said...

Congratulations!! It is beautiful! You wont be able to see your true curl pattern for a while. You look nice with short hair!

Avery said...

You look amazing...Applause to you. That took serious guts. I'm sure you'll come to fall in love with it in no time. I'm currently transitioning myself and have no plans to BC yet but I plan to at some point.. Best wishes on your new hair journey .. looking forward to your updates :)

Tamtamu said...

Congratulations girlie!! So proud of you..Natural hair is bomb, you will love it! :-))

Tiffanita said...

Thanks so much!! I'm still waiting for my curls though! ;-)

Blessed Tresses said...

Congratulations...I think your hair looks great!!!