Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation hair

I've been in Florida the past week for a work conference, so I'm not technically on vacation, but I did spend some time by the pool. I didn't actually go under water (although I really wanted to), but my hair got a little wet from getting splashed yesterday. I was just telling a friend that even though I'm 6 weeks post relaxer, my hair is so nice and straight. Um...wrong! I saw how bad I need a touch-up after getting wet. (I'm still going to try to go at least 2 more weeks before getting a relaxer.) I was in a workshop looking so crazy yesterday. I would have co-washed, but I mistakenly left my beloved Giovanni leave-in at home, and am afraid that the results would be worse. I just put some conditioner and moisturizer on my ends. I flat ironed the roots, wrapped and pin curled my hair and went to bed. Today, my hair looks much better, but no where close to how it looked when I first got here. I'm flying home today, so I'll wash tomorrow. I usually wash at least 2x a week, so my hair and scalp are screaming for water and moisture right now. I can't wash tonight because I'm meeting my girls for drinks- maybe I'll don my half wig? The good thing is that I have started on my summer tan!

I realize that I need a summer regimen, but I have no idea what that is. Based on yesterday, I'm scared of air drying. Plus, my hair is so short, I'm not sure it would look good anyway. I would like to try a straw set or something...I just don't want to sit under the hot dryer 1-2 times a week and then sweat my hair out the next day. I have started using my heating cap, which is much cooler...who knows, I'm still thinking of going shorter, so I may not have to worry about it. When my hair is really short, I just slick it down with a scarf until it dries.

On another note, I know that the B&B moisturizer has mineral oil, but it has been the best moisturizer for my hair in years. I only put it on my ends and my hair just drinks it up. I'd like to find a healthier alternative, but until now, B&B is my friend.


Black Beauty Adviser said...

Hi Tiff! I absolutely love your blog! You have excellent hair care practices and I love how passionate you are about trying new things with your hair while keeping it as healthy as possible.

Don't worry about the big'll grow back soon with good care.

Maybe sometime you can drop by my forum at and share some of your product stash finds and exeperiences!

I'm definately going to tell the ladies about this blog! Fabulous!

Good going and keep up the awesome blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff! Have you tried any of Cathy Howse's products? She has a crème moisturizer and a Dew moisturizer, which is a light mist. Both products work for me and neither contain mineral oil.

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