Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Aloe Vera Gel

I just couldn't take my edges anymore! I am 11 weeks post relaxer, but that's not why my edges were so bad. It's basically all new growth, as I lost most of my edges a couple of months. Last week I bought some 100% aloe vera gel, but decided to use it last night. I put a little water on my edges, some aloe gel, brushed it, and put a scarf on tight overnight. This morning, my edges were smooth. My edges aren't as moisturized as I had wished, but they're not dry either. I put a little castor oil on them, and I feel a lot more presentable. I wish I had done this last week before I went out of town looking crazy!

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Anonymous said...

hi! i'm new to your blog! My little girl is 11mos, and I was surprised how much hair a lost during the post partum shedding:( My edges were totally wrecked.... I've used castor oil to rebuild them, and i actually look decent again. thanks for the tip about the aloe vera gel.