Thursday, May 27, 2010

Warm Weather Hair

I'm so glad it's finally warm out. I don't feel as guilty wearing my hair out in the warm weather. This past winter, I hardly ever wore my hair down- and when I did, I wrapped it up in a silk scarf and hat while outside. I don't think my hair felt the winter air once this past winter. I actually think that is how I retained my length and why my edges grew in so fast after my postpartum shedding period. I'm going to sew silk and satin liners in my hats next winter. I also NEVER wore my hair down when I wore a wool sweater.

I'm not sure what my summer regimen will be just yet. The past 2 summers I did a lot of co-washing and rollersetting, but with a baby, I just don't have the energy to set my hair and sit under the dryer more than once a week. I did try a bantu knot out this past weekend, which was okay. I only did 4 knots, and I think I need to do at least 6. I want to try a braidout, but that seems like more work than rollersetting, especially to keep it up every day. If it continues to be so hot, I'll be wearing it up off my neck most of the time, so I may not even have to worry too much about styles!

In terms of products, I definitely need to find some new ones. My leave-in isn't cutting it anymore, so I need to find a good one. I also want to try glycerin, because my hair has been pretty dry. I've been using Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 sometimes, which contains glycerin, but I'm not that impressed with it, and I hate the way it feels on my hands. It's great for my baby's curls, so I apply some to his head every day- and I immediately wash my hands afterward! I also want to try some aloe vera juice (maybe I can make my own), rosewater, and avocado oil.

Traycee did a post a few weeks ago about the pros and cons of having long hair. I don't think my hair is long yet, but it is the longest it's ever been and now that it's past my shoulders, I feel like I can speak on some cons of having long hair. So far, I've been experiencing:

- my hair getting caught on my bag straps and seat belt

- strands sticking to my lips when I have lip gloss on

- my bf and baby's hands accidentally get caught in it

- strands get caught in my necklace and earrings

- I've been using more product

- Hair getting in my food

Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining! The pros definitely outweigh the cons. I just never thought I would have to deal with those things. I love looking at my hair in the mirror or in pictures. Even my man told me the other day that he is so proud of me for having the patience and determination to grow my hair.

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