Monday, June 14, 2010

June 2010 Hair Update

I haven't been posting recently, mainly because nothing new is going on with my hair. I've just been trying to keep it as moisturized as possible, and deep conditioning to get my thickness back- I lost a lot from postpartum shedding.

I have also been experimenting with bantu knots and braidouts. I've decided to concentrate on the bantu knots. Braidouts take too much time and I feel like it's too much manipulation on my fine strands. I have been doing the bantu knots on the weekends, before I wash my hair. I'm not ready to risk it by wearing the style during the week when I have to work. So, I usually like how they come out, but the waves don't last- maybe I need some kind of product that will help them hold? The only product I used was Hawaiian Silky 14-in-1 on my dry hair. Yesterday, I thought my hair was too curly, but after spending 10 minutes outside, parts of my hair were straight again. I also think my ends are too straight, so I need to work on getting the ends a little more curly. Here's how I looked as soon as I took the knots out:

I tried a black tea rinse last week. I want to do it one more time before I have a definitive opinion!


Traycee said...

It looks great.... I use Silk Elements Designing Silk Mousse (adds a soft hold) or Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly butter and my bantu knots last all day !!!

Tiffanita said...

Thanks Traycee! I bought some Elements Designing Silk Mousse yesterday when I was at Sallys. I'll let you know how it turns out!