Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Better Day

After my discouraging hair day yesterday, I sought help of my girl, L, who has been natural for about 5 years.  I am so appreciate of her help.  She thinks that I'm washing the moisture out of my hair and suggested trying to go the rest of the week without co-washing.  She also told me to try whipped shea butter.

I decided to wash my hair again- just to make sure I was starting with a clean slate.  When I was relaxed, an egg protein treatment usually gave me brand new hair, so I did it last night.  This was the first time since my big chop that I did an egg treatment.  I used Creme of Nature Argan Oil shampoo once and did an apple cider vinegar rinse.  I deep conditioned for about 30 minutes with Giovanni 50:50 Balancing Calming Conditioner, and rinsed.  I made some whipped shea butter with jojoba and almond oils, and added a little aloe vera gel.  I applied some Cantu leave in conditioner, and some of the shea butter mix, and flat twisted my hair. I wasn't going to leave it twisted, I was just trying to make sure I got product on every strand.  Then I decided to leave the twists on over night because I noticed that my roots looked more moisturized than usual.  I slept with a satin scarf (I usually just sleep on a satin pillowcase).  When I woke up today and took my twists out, my hair was really shiny and a lot more moisturized than yesterday! My twists weren't as defined as I wanted, but I know I need to work on my twisting skills.  The flat twists instead of individual twists really helped my roots to not look too puffy.

The apple cider vinegar rinse really helped. I think I had some buildup that needed to be removed.  The shea butter made a big difference too.  I was worried that it would be too heavy for my hair, but I guess my hair drank it up.

My hair isn't at the moisture level I want it to be, but it's sooo much better. I know we're supposed to moisturize and seal, but I think I put it out of my mind since I've been having such bad luck with oils lately.  Hopefully I can make it not washing my hair for the rest of the week. Following my girl's advice, my plan is to lightly spritz my hair with water before bed and add a small amount of my whipped shea butter mix. I'll decide at night whether to re-twist or not. In the morning, I'll just add oil in the morning for shine and finger comb to slightly lift the smashed hair.


Anonymous said...

You might want to try Kinky Curly products. I use them on my daughter's natural hair and it's terrific at detangling and keeping her hair moisturized. I use the Knot Today and the Curling Custard on wet hair. Give it a try. You can find them at Target.

Tiffanita said...

Thank you! I actually tried the Curly Custard once, and I must have used too much, because my hair was a mess! I'll try again, not using as much product.